Social KYC

Global identity
verification based
on online activity

How it works

Data extraction

With the user's permission, we gather their profiles and extract relevant features.

Machine learning

Our trained machine learning models analyse this data and calculate the probability that it's credible.

Confidence score

Based on the calculated credibility probability, you immediately receive a confidence score.

"Veridu empowers our merchants to
accept more good transactions"

Helen Holmes - Product Director for Risk Management at Worldpay


What does Veridu look like through the lens of a customer?

Verified transactions

Learn how Veridu works in an e-commerce scenario.

Verified onboarding

Learn how Veridu can help onboard customers safely.

Pop-up Widget

Try our ready to use and easily integrated verification widget.

Thought Leadership

Whitepapers, surveys, and more on key industry issues.

Sharing Economy Consumer Views Report

Veridu and The People Who Share, surveyed over 850 US and UK consumers on their views of the Sharing Economy.

Use of Online Activity as Part of Identity Verification

A summary of Veridu's work with the Government Digital Service and the Open Identity Exchange for GOV.UK Verify.

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