Digital identity

Re-usable identity
verification and K.Y.C.

Veridu brings trust to the internet with a range of identity verification tools that are fast, easy for users and reduce fraud.

We're building a new re-usable digital identity verification engine that will change the way you on-board customers, handle compliance and verify transactions.

Lower costs, reduce risk, and improve customer relationships.


Better compliance.

We're building a new way for companies to handle KYC and AML. A system that will cut the cost of identity verification and make on-boarding customers instant.


Better insight.

By combining some of the latest advances in distributed ledger technology, cryptography and machine learning we're able to give you data that's more accurate, more up to date and more useful.


Better for your customers.

Our system gives your customers true control of their own data. This reduces the risk of identity theft and gives them peace of mind.


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