Digital identity
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A banking and compliance service for ICOs.

We're building a privacy centric e-money service to address Anti Money Laundering concerns for funds raised by ICO issuers. We're bringing compliance and accountability to ICOs.



An exciting fundraising model that’s broken.


Initial Coin Offerings are a new and exciting way for entrepreneurs to raise capital by using crypto tokens like Bitcoin. They offer a great way to democratise and accelerate innovation but need to come into the mainstream financial universe.

There is a already growing pressure on the market to change. Companies raising money this way currently have to use expensive, slow workarounds and regulation is catching with the technology.



At Veridu we’re allowing this growing market to operate inside the UK. By using identity checks coupled with advanced analysis to address compliance concerns we’re able to provide the banking tools currently unavailable to them.

And ICOs are just our warm up. As the market evolves to incorporate tokens backed by a financial assets (security tokens) our technology will uniquely position us to drive this new opportunity in well regulated environments.


Blending e-money services and advanced anti money laundering.



Great insight.

Great partners.

Great tech.


We’re participating in a test in the UK Financial Conduct Authority's sandbox (a regulatory accelerator) powered by Oracle’s scale-up program to shape our core product.

By parsing coin networks for key data we can then apply our proprietary algorithms to produce risk profiles for funds coming from known individuals. This allows ICOs to operate in the UK for the first time.



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