About us

We bring trust
to the internet

Veridu was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur, Rasmus Groth; identity industry veteran, Ian Green; and technologist Flavio Heleno. Our mission is to bring trust to the internet with global and cost-effective digital identity solutions.

Originally established in Copenhagen (Rasmus's home city), Veridu is now headquartered in London with a further office in Sao Carlos, Brazil, where our technical team is based.

Current investors in Veridu include Worldpay, Force Over Mass Capital, Callatay and Wouters Ventures, as well as Philip McGriskin and Paul Townsend, founders of Envoy (sold to Worldpay).



Rasmus is a passionate innovator and full stack entrepreneur with a number of successful exits behind him. Veridu was born out of Nuffly, one of Rasmus's previous startups, that aimed to create an automatic backup of a user's social media accounts.


Co-founder & CTO

Flavio leads Veridu's technology team, based in Brazil. With experience of both working in startups and consulting for a number of large Brazilian organisations, Flavio brings a unique perspective to our product development strategy.


Head of Data Science

Cassio is the brains behind Veridu's machine learning programme. As a mathematics wizard with a PhD in artificial intelligence, Cassio is responsible for developing and training the models we use to determine the credibility of a user's digital footprint.


Project Manager

Alvaro has the task of keeping our technology team working to schedule - no easy feat given the pace of innovation at Veridu.